Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Post from LAST WEEK

Mr. Blogger is playing up.  This post should have been published last week, tut tut.

Good morning and isnt it bright and sunny today, well it is at the moment.  Blue skies here too, which makes such a lot of difference.

I am really pleased to let you know that mum came home from hospital whoop whoop.  I am surprised as she still has the pneumonia and is rather unsteady on her feet but, she is home.  First thing she did was get dad to take her to have her nails polished, if it makes her feel good, why not.

Christiana is keeping me busy but that is good, I love spending time with her.

The craft room looks quite a picture.  Just a few odds and ends to put away but I must say I am really pleased with it.  One the odds and ends are sorted I will be giving everything a good dust down ready for my crafty friends next week.

I found a card that I had made many years ago with my one and only Dawn Bibby kit.  I was so proud of it, at least I kept it for a few years.

Not so sure of it now and the rest of the kit.... I have passed on to a good cause.

Off to start my day, thanks for having a read x

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